Capping Machine

Supplying our knowledge and experience to the world for over twenty years.


The Teknimek single head capping machine has been developed from our knowledge gained from our Capping head which we have been supplying worldwide for nearly twenty years.

The machine is a single head capper equipped with a pick and place system to ensure consistent capping and eliminate the problems that can occur with some caps when using bottle pickoff.

It is capable of Capping at up to 50BPM and is a motor driven cam operated system which gives a consistent reliable movement.

Features Include:

  • Cam operated
  • Pick and place
  • Teknimek magnetic torque clutch
  • Interlocked guarding
  • Variable speed control
  • Cap low level detection
  • Queue sensing

Additional Features:

  • Cap feeder
  • Cap elevator
  • Missing cap detection